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Diplomacy, The People, and You

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Diplomacy is always mentioned as the truest instrument in international relations. It is actually a process in which states conduct their relation and exercised their foreign policy to other states through a peaceful means (Griffiths and O’Callaghan. 2002:80). Through this instrument, the state’s foreign relations run a certain process that possesses an important flow of communication. From this process ideas among nations will be shared and distributed equally aiming to minimize prejudice and distortion. In order to do so, today the people should play a bigger role and involve actively in diplomacy.

In this contribution I would like to express my view and share my ideas on diplomacy. In my opinion, diplomacy has undergone a certain changes in process, defining, and way of thinking where people must be involved more deeply in the process of promoting understanding and peace. The new process has opened a way for us as global citizen to participate and contribute to. I would assert that diplomacy should be performed interpersonally.

The late Ali Alatas. Indonesian Legendary Diplomat

The late Ali Alatas. Indonesian Legendary Diplomat

Nowadays, people across the continent are facing so many problems. Those problems are crossing borders that affect not only one particular state but also other states in different parts of the world. Problems like climate change, diseases, hunger, poverty, population crisis, transnational crime, terrorism and water scarcity are constantly threatening the quality of human life. These problems are also degrading the interaction amongst people and rises tension towards conflict among states. These problems tend to increase the invisible barriers of communication and interaction among people.

Invisible barrier refer to the obstacle in communication that resides in the mind and the heart of the people caused by the accumulation of conflicting interests between people. These barriers create a false consciousness, misconception and negative stereotype. In this situation it will be more difficult to share ideas and information among people to solve the problems that threaten our lives.

In this kind of situation, this is the time for the people to take part and get deeper involved in diplomacy. Now is not the time when we rely solely on the government to practice diplomacy. We must also support the government to bridge the differences between people. This collaboration could smoothen the interaction among people from different states. Therefore we need to come up with a new definition of diplomacy, a definition that includes the people continuously in the process of promoting understanding, cooperation, and peace.

Karl von Metternich- Role Actor in the Concert of Europe

Karl von Metternich- Role Actor in the Concert of Europe

Furthermore, diplomacy is now at the pendulum where the people are at the right time to participate in the process of solving problems in the world that threatens our life in the near future. The time has come for the people all over the world to strive at their best to think of a solution to the problems and at the same time abolishing invisible barrier by making friends with others. This effort could not be achieved without mutual collaboration between government and the people.

In addition, people around the world are becoming more segmented therefore it is more difficult for states to strengthen communication towards a better understanding among the people. This is the reason why the people should take more part in diplomacy, because they are more independent and can adapt to different situations. Interpersonal diplomacy is more effective to build a common understanding within the people. People’s passion to interact with each other is the key to a successful diplomacy.

The increase of the people’s desire to interact with one another is inevitable. A way to do it is by giving our sympathy, warmness, and solidarity for the others. When I say people I mean that it is you and the rest who are willing to promote a better understanding and cooperation among the people. The new era of diplomacy has come and invites us to participate in the process. This process shall not be monopolized by the state anymore, but we should also take part and play a key role to shape a new direction in international relations.

In diplomacy the people are the most important asset to overcome many problems in our lives. Diplomacy has returned to our hand and the time has come for us to play our part. I strongly believe giving the opportunity for the people to take part will be a huge advantage to strengthen the bond and maintain a good relation amongst nations for the sake of the next generation. Let us now start sharing and express our ideas with our friends across this borderless world.


Written by Raksa Ibrahim

April 24, 2009 pada 12:51 pm

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  1. so unfortunate, I have leaved a comment on this,, but it seemed to disappear,,

    anyway,, blogging is one of the effective ways to do so.. [so lazy to rewrite my previous comment, hahaha]


    April 30, 2009 at 3:21 pm

    • Indeed, you’re almost right mas Bud. But there’s something else beside blogging perhaps.
      Thank’s for stopping by.


      Mei 1, 2009 at 3:27 pm

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