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Ideas are the motor of human civilizations, from ideas, mankind had successfully tamed the world. The history of civilizations has a long tradition of developing ideas for the sake of the people’s life. It is also idea that shapes the world and the way we live today. The diversity of ideas has brought us a bundle of fortunate and unfortunate events, as it is now in the so called era of globalization.

The power of ideas triggers conflict and cooperation among mankind, in which thousands of human’s idea collide not to compete, but to dominate. Globalization is an idea that meant to propose hope and chance for human’s life. It could give a lot of benefit and leisure in life. It also creates wounds and problems that challenge the existence of human in the years to come. In order to overcome the problem, many different ideas have clashed claiming to be the best notion of all.

This essay is a view on the world in the next twenty years about the competition of ideas among the people. In this essay, I will also argue that in the next twenty years, people of the world will compete to implement and express their ideas of an ideal world and to reinvent the vision of life.

Nowadays, many people have forgotten the true meaning of ideas. People are too busy to earn money, to achieve prestigious status, and to be obeyed by the poor. They develop ideas for their own interest and neglect the importance of sharing. Unlike our predecessor, who tried their best to make life more delightful by exploring and innovating ideas. Their vision of life was simple and balance yet meaningful, this vision has vanished in our age of modernity.

Competition of ideas is the continuation of exploration and innovation of ideas for life and hope we still can believe in. It is needed to restore the true meaning of ideas, in which is crucial to the continuation of our life in the future. The idea of how we should face problems in our life, such as environment degradation, illiteracy, poverty, and unemployment.

The reasons why people need ideas are for the purpose of survival. Civilizations will flourish when there is a continuation of idea among the society. Ideas that are inspiring not dominating and influencing not oppressing, that will make humans maintain the sustainability of their surrounding, so that many people especially children will have a bigger opportunity to enjoy the quality of life as a legacy that developed by their predecessor.

As it is now, our existence has been challenged by many problems and the bewildered vision of life with uncertainty of a hopeless life. That is also why competition of ideas will occur among people to response the challenge and participate to invent the vision of life. The process is underway and filled with creativity that slowly shows its ability to transform the society. As an example, we can see the success of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh.

From today and in twenty years to come people will need many new ideas to face changes and continuity of the world. Competition of idea will likely occur in this situation since human’s multi dimensional problem can not be tackled with unitary idea. Idea will arise and might just be the answer to the problems. One thing for sure is that the world will face changes and continuity within the interaction of human.

On one side, change is the consequences of competition of ideas. People gradually realize that their ideas are imprisoned and dictated by the social construction of knowledge. Changes will bring a new way of interaction in the community, where people compete fairly, freely, and equally with respect that put dialogue towards a mutual understanding. This could only be achieved through a good competition of ideas, which is the sphere of development in civilizations.

On the other side, continuity will also likely to occur in the competition of ideas. Because, there are certain things that can not be reversed or changed. Continuity also occurs because of social construction of knowledge that has strongly imposed in the community. That is the reality we must challenge, continuity can not be put aside because it is a part of idea that shapes our way of thinking.

In 2028 competition of ideas will surely happen, because of the problems faced by the community. The notion of competition of ideas will shine in the form of changes and continuity that will catalyze the civilizations. Nonetheless, people will invent a new vision of life by awakening their creativity that resides in ideas, a vision of life that could be enjoyed and shared with the others. Ideas that have not been seen in a long time, it must be awaken by competition of ideas. This idea, of competition of ideas, might be part of the remedies for the wounds in the society. May it be reawaken!


Written by Raksa Ibrahim

Desember 7, 2008 pada 6:18 pm

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